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About Stuart

"My name is Stuart Whitlow and I am running for Congress to retire John Carter and help restore Democrats to the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democracy is on the ballot in 2024 — to protect the rights of ALL Texans, we must elect a leader who will fight for the issues that matter most to our community: reproductive rights, Medicaid, environmental protections, public education, expanding our economy, ending gun violence, protecting the rights of all Texans, and more.


I’ve earned a BA from Southwestern, a Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt, and joint degrees from UT’s LBJ School and UT Law, graduating with Honors. I’ve spent 35 years as an attorney and worked with the Texas Legal Services Center to provide legal help to over 7,000 Texans seeking free services. I also played a key role in starting the award-winning job training program, “Capital Idea” and in expanding it into Williamson County. 


As a lifelong Democrat and Williamson and Bell County native, I will fight to restore our rights, protect our democracy, and deliver real results for CD 31."

Candidate for US Congress District 31, Stuart Whitlow, with his sons.
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  • Restore Reproductive Rights
    I am unwavering in my belief that women must have control over their own bodies and the freedom to make healthcare decisions without government interference. I will tirelessly advocate for policies that reinstate and safeguard these rights, ensuring that every woman has access to the reproductive healthcare services they need and deserve. Restoring reproductive rights is about respecting autonomy, promoting health, and upholding the dignity of all Texans.
  • Defend our Democracy
    Defending our democracy is at the heart of my campaign. I am committed to restoring freedoms that have been attacked, fighting against all forms of voter suppression, and advocating for expanded voting hours to ensure every voice is heard. Moreover, I stand firmly against gerrymandering, believing in fair and equitable representation for all. Together, we can ensure that our democracy remains strong for generations to come.
  • Support our Public Schools
    From Austin to Washington, DC, our leaders have attacked our teachers and are actively working to dismantle our public education system. When I’m elected, I will fight to fully fund our public schools, allocate more resources, and respect our teachers. Only then can public education thrive. Public schools are the very foundation of our future. I will not stand idly by and watch elected officials destroy them. I will not stop until all of our schools are fully funded and every child has an opportunity for quality education.
  • Protect our Environment
    Protecting our environment is essential to preserving the Texas we know and love for future generations. I will enact and support policies that safeguard our natural landscapes, reduce pollution, and combat climate change. It's our responsibility to leave a healthier planet for our children and grandchildren, allowing them to enjoy the richness of our state just as we have.
  • Expand our Economy
    As your Congressman, I will work to prioritize the needs of working people, ensure equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, and advocate for tax policies that favor everyday Americans instead of multi-billion dollar corporations. MAGA Conservatives want to kill Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Strengthening Social Security is essential to guaranteeing a secure future for our seniors. We must foster inclusive economic growth that benefits all Texans, creating a foundation for prosperity that supports everyone's well-being.
  • Reduce Inflation
    Addressing inflation requires targeted, responsible fiscal policies that stabilize prices without sacrificing economic growth or job creation. By focusing on sustainable economic strategies, we can reduce our vulnerability to global market fluctuations. Additionally, ensuring that wage growth keeps pace with the cost of living is essential for supporting working families. My approach is to collaborate with experts and stakeholders to implement balanced measures that effectively curb inflation and support a thriving economy for all.
  • End the Gun Violence Epidemic
    To end the gun violence epidemic, we must embrace a common-sense approach to gun safety — which 87% of Americans support. As your Congressman, I will support legislation that enforces background checks and closes loopholes in gun sales laws — all while respecting responsible gun owners' 2nd Amendment rights.

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